Commercial Pest Control

Customized Treatments For Your Des Moines Metro Business

No matter what type of business you run, you know that when pests get inside, it can be disastrous. Pests expose your customers to pathogens that can make them sick and dangers that can injure them. Pests cost you money, both in lost revenue and repairs, and they damage your business’s reputation. Keep them out of your business with the help of Pest Pro’s commercial pest control services.

Our Commercial Pest Control Process

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When you choose Pest Pro for your commercial pest control needs, you’ll receive the care you deserve from experienced pest control professionals.


Our knowledge of pests allows us to determine how they’re getting into your building, where they’re harboring inside, and what conditions might be attracting them. With this knowledge, we can develop a plan tailored to your business’s specific pest problems.


Depending on your pest problems, we’ll use a variety of methods to target the pests in your business and ensure they don’t come back. Some of our treatment methods include spot treatments, sprays, granular applications, bait boxes, monitors, and more.

Follow-Up Service

We’ll return to your business every month to check bait boxes, re-treat, and adjust our methods based on our findings and what you’re seeing.

Facilities We Service

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Pests are frequently the uninvited guests of warehouses, damaging inventory and causing problems in the process. Keep them out with Pest Pro.

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The cleanliness of your facility is of utmost importance in the care of your patients. Protect it from the problems pests cause with Pest Pro.

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When pests get into your restaurant, they contaminate your food and damage your reputation. Protect them both with help from Pest Pro.

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Your students deserve to learn in an environment that is free of pests. Protect your educational facility by partnering with Pest Pro.

clean hotel room with a king bed


Your guests want comfortable accommodations during their stay, but pests make things very uncomfortable. Keep your hotel pest-free with Pest Pro.

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Office Buildings

When you operate a building with a lot of daily activity, pest infestations are to be expected, unless you protect them with Pest Pro.

Why Choose Pest Pro?

You put a lot of thought into the business decisions you make, and choosing a pest control company is no different. Why choose Pest Pro for your commercial pest control needs?

  • We customize your pest control plan to your specific pest problems.
  • We provide ongoing treatment and support to keep your facility pest-free.
  • We offer traditional and environmentally-friendly treatment methods.
  • We provide same-day treatments whenever possible.
  • We have over a decade of experience in the pest control industry.
  • We are members of the Iowa Pest Management Association.
  • We are members of the National Pest Management Association.
  • We have a large service area that includes the Des Moines Metro area and Central Iowa.

Protecting Your Customers & Your Reputation

At Pest Pro, we are committed to providing your business with the customized treatment it needs to eliminate the pests that are causing problems. We’ll work with you to develop a pest control plan that works for you and the unique needs of your business. By taking a proactive approach to pest control, you can keep pests out of your business now and in the years to come.

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